Lambermont Parlor

Elopement Packages

Up to 4 guests

Professional wedding officiant


Custom bouquet & boutonniere



*Day-of coordinator


Small Ceremony Packages

12 guests included

*Additional guests up to 75 can be added for a per guest fee

Professional wedding officiant

Day-of coordinator


Custom bouquet & boutonniere




Custom Ceremony Packages

Up to 20 guests

*Additional fees for more than 20 guests

Professional wedding officiant

Additional services may be added:

Day-of coordinator


Decor   Floral

Cake   Video

And more…

The Lambermont is one of the historic jewels of San Antonio.

The Lambermont Mansion invites all couples to celebrate their love in the intimate Parlor of the stately home, surrounded by stunning architecture located in the historic Convict Hill neighborhood.  This historic jew offers not only a beautiful space for your small wedding but also is a Bed and Breakfast and perfect for those couples wanting a romantic getaway.

        • Private, indoor rental of the historic location
        • Bridal suite available, but requires additional rental
        • Seating for up to 40 guests included
        • Overnight stays can be booked

Private, Indoor Ceremony Space

Bridal and Groom Suite: Yes

Aisle Walk Down: Yes

Onsite Micro Wedding: Yes

Parking: Free onsite parking lot

Up to 40 Guests

Seating Included

Offers Bed and Breakfast Style Lodging up to 10 Guests

Zero Travel Vendor Fee

Rental Fee: $600

Rentals only accepted within 90 days of wedding date

Interested in adding a Reception?

Here Are the Options Available for Lambermont Parlor
Plan a Reception your own


Many couples plan receptions on their own at their homes, AirBnBs or simply make reservations at a restaurant.  If you are having 20 guests or less this may be the best option for your own day. If you need any services, we can provide as little or as much as you need from table settings to additional hours of photography!

Onsite Mini Reception

Onsite Mini Receptions are simple receptions meant to simply capture the moments of cake cutting, toast/speeches, and 1st dance immediately following your ceremony at the ceremony location.  These short mini receptions add about 20 minutes to the event and allow you to get pictures of these wedding traditions without the expense of a sitdown-style reception. Everlasting Elopements will set up a small decorated table to display your cake and provide all materials needed to cut and serve the cake as well as do a toast.  Additional reception services can not be added to this service.

Reception Options Below can not be performed at this Venue

This venue does not allow for receptions however we can perform any of our reception options below at a 2nd location.

We suggest the following options:

1. Going to a nearby restaurant with a private room and adding One of our Mini Reception Options.

2. Booking a Reception Venue and adding one of our Reception packages (seen below)

3. Have a reception at your home, AirBnB, backyard etc.

Non-Meal Receptions

Everlasting Elopements offers smaller receptions for couples not wanting a traditional full reception with a sit-down meal.  Best for those couples having small guest counts who would not likely dance we offer the following packages:

1.  Mini Receptions conducted at a restaurant

2.  Cake & Punch Reception

3.  Cocktail Reception

Micro-Receptions (Micro-Weddings)

Our micro-reception packages designed for small guests counts are perfect for those couples wanting all the aspects of a large wedding but slimmed down to better suit their smaller guest counts.  Choose between these 3 levels :

1.  Dinner Reception Only

2.  Micro Reception

3.  Traditional Reception

Exploring your Destination

 Lambermont Events is located in the heart of downtown San Antonio in the Government Hill neighborhood. Just two miles from the heart of the River Walk, perfectly located to see all the best attractions of the city.  Don’t miss local favorite, The Pearl District.  A perfect evening might include Happy Hour and Charcuterie at Cured or Dancing and amazing live music at Jazz Tx.  Don’t miss the San Antonio Museum of Art or The Witte Museum for a quiet cultural excursion.  The San Antonio Zoo and Japanese Tea Gardens (absolutely beautiful and FREE!)  are just a short drive from this excellent location.  And of course, remember  the Alamo


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Everlasting Elopements made our special day spectacular! Our original wedding was canceled because of COVID. Two weeks before our date we messaged them and they handled everything!

I was extremely overwhelmed with the idea of planning a wedding – even if it was very small. I’m glad I found a company that helped and specialised in small, simple weddings at an affording price! Even with needing to reschedule our original date due to COVID, they made the process as easy for us as picking a new date and that’s all the work we put in. Our photographer, Grace, was absolutely lovely. My bouquet is in the process of drying so we may have it forever.

Amanda G.

Small wedding planning made easy! Everlasting Elopements made planning our wedding stress free. We still made the fun decisions while they put everything together for us! Our day was perfect!

Samantha G.

How does it work?

Everlasting Elopements’ unique and simple virtual wedding planning system was built to simplify the wedding planning process. To keep the stress out of the process, we have a step-by-step system to plan your wedding ceremony from now to ‘I Do’. 

It all starts with the ceremony package! Once you have selected this we can customize any extras and build on a reception package. Then we will help you select and book the perfect venue that fits your vision. Once you book, it’s just a matter of completing a few forms, then showing up on the day with your license and rings– we do everything else!  Wedding Planning does not have to be stressful or hard if you have the right team behind you to execute a flawless wedding day!

Weddings have many variables so it is essential to take things in steps in order to build a customized wedding package to suit your needs– this way you’re only paying for services you need (and nothing you don’t)!


1. Select Your Wedding Ceremony Package

Whether you are looking for an elopement, a micro wedding, or just a simple exchange of “I Do”- we have a package for you to choose from. The first step is to select which one is right for you.

2. Select Your Extras

Once you have selected your package, you can select which level suits your needs. Each package has a Basic, Deluxe, and Premium level that offers various upgrades and add-ons. This allows us to do as little or as much as you need on your big day!

3. Select Your Reception Options

Once you have finalized your ceremony plans, we can add on one of a variety of reception options. Whether you want to have a Mini-Reception or Full Reception on-site, eat at a restaurant, or plan a reception on your own, we can help with rentals, cake, coordination, photography, and everything else you could need.  If you decide to add reception elements in addition to your ceremony, we will simply pair the two packages together to get you the services you need for the full wedding day you are dreaming of!

4. Choose Your Venue

Now that we’ve gotten to know you and your wants and needs we can recommend venues that will work best for you! Or, if you have one already in mind, our packages will work there too. While we have many locations on our website for you to browse, if it’s not on our website we can still serve you there! Our packages work at ANY location!

5. Stress Free Planning

Once your ceremony has been reserved through our online reservation system, we will send you a series of emails with forms that go directly to your vendors. All you need to do is complete the forms and your vendors will reach out if needed. Remember, you always have the ability to add new elements as well as upgrade services you already have at any point if you choose!

6. Your Wedding Day

You and your fiance, along with any guests, will show up at the venue you have chosen with your marriage license and rings. The Everlasting Elopements Team of Wedding Vendors will take care of the rest and all the details so you can focus on what the day is really about- Marrying the One You LOVE!

Don’t wait any longer.

Start planning your ceremony today.