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If you have already booked a ceremony with us, then many of your questions can be answered by reading the emails sent to you through the booking process.

If you have any other questions, please check the FAQ below.

If there is anything else we can help you with, hit the button below to send us an email.

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Before You Book

Marriage License


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General Questions

Before you book

Can I make payments?

We have a full library of vows from which you can chose. For $50, you can add custom readings, mix and match vows or tailor them how you’d like.

Can we say our own vows?

You are always welcome to say your own vows to one another!

Are vows customizable?

We have a full library of vows from which you can chose. For $50, you can add custom readings, mix and match vows or tailor them how you’d like.

Can packages be customized?

Yes! All packages are customized to the couple’s needs and the location of the venue. 

Can I schedule an appointment to look at locations?

Everlasting Elopements has contracted many locations at which multiple ceremonies have been performed. Because of this, we consider ourselves a mobile service, and we do not meet with couples unless special circumstances require it. If you would like to set up a meeting, there will be a $100 on-site meeting fee, similar to our $100 rehearsal fee. Like with our rehearsals, a coordinator will meet you at your location, discuss options, and run through the steps of your ceremony with you. 

How do I check availability?
Do you require premarital counseling?

No, we do not require premarital counseling. We do, however, have officiants who offer counseling for couples who are interested. 

How much is the deposit?
How many guests can I have at my ceremony?

Each location allows for a different amount of guests. Final guest count is due 2 weeks prior to your ceremony.

If I am having more than four guests for a civil ceremony, can they be added?

Only four guests will fit in the location in which we perform the Armed Forces Saturday and Sunday Civil Ceremonies. If you wish to include more than four guests, the location may be changed and the service is upgraded

Is rehearsal required?

A rehearsal is not required but is recommended for larger ceremonies, especially those with rituals. You may add it for $100. 

In what languages can ceremonies be performed?

We are able to perform your ceremony in English, Spanish, and/or American Sign Language.

Is there a deposit required for Sunday Civil Ceremonies?

To book a Sunday Civil or Saturday Armed Forces Civil ceremony, the full $75 is due upon making your reservation.

What are rituals?

Rituals are acts during a ceremony that displays a union. Some examples include a unity candle, a sand ceremony, and a unity cross.

On what days are holiday fees added?

A $100 Holiday Fee is added to the total invoice if a wedding falls on one of the following days:

New Year’s Day, 

Valentine’s Day, 


Independence Day, 



Christmas Eve, 

Christmas Day, 

New Year’s Eve

What types of ceremonies do you perform?

We perform civil, non-denominational, christian, same sex unions, military, vow renewals, unity ceremonies, secular, and interfaith ceremonies. 

When will my payment be due?

Final payment is due two weeks prior to your ceremony. 

Where is your office located?

We are a mobile service, which allows us to home office. Appointments may be available upon request.

Will I be able to choose my officiant?

Your ceremony will be assigned an officiant based on availability. Depending on scheduling, your ceremony will be assigned the officiant that fits best based on officiant availability. No officiant is guaranteed for Small Wedding Packages unless the couple pays the $50 Officiant Securing Fee. This fee will be refunded if for any reason the officiant you chose cannot perform your ceremony due to to illness, hospitalization, auto accident, transportation breakdown/disruption, or traffic difficulties.

Will you come to my location to perform my ceremony?


Travel fees may apply if ceremony location is outside of a 20 mile radius of the officiant. Travel fee will be $1/mile.

Is a deposit required to hold my date, time and/or venue?

Yes. We cannot place holds on any date, time, or venue until you have booked and paid the deposit.

Does the deposit have to be paid in full at the time of booking?

Yes, the full deposit is required to reserve your vendors and venue in order to secure your date.

Is the deposit an additional fee on top of your services?

No. The deposit is a portion of the service/package fees plus the venue permit or rental fee (if applicable) and will be subtracted from your total.

Is the deposit refundable?


Can I bring my own officiant?

Yes, but we do not discount our services if you do so. We are able to provide an officiant as a courtesy through our base fee; however, what this does mean is that if your officiant cannot perform your ceremony for whatever reason we will have an officiant on call to send out– ensuring that the one vendor you truly need to get married is there!

Obtaining Your Marriage License

What are the requirements for getting a marriage license in Texas?

ID Requirement:

In Texas, you will need one valid form of ID such as drivers license, certified copy of your birth certificate, U. S. passport, military ID card, and your social security number.

Residency Requirement:

Neither one of you have to be a resident of Texas. Texas is a great locale for a destination wedding!

Previous Marriage:

If divorced within thirty days, Texas requires that you show a certified copy of your divorce decree stating the 30 day waiting period is waived.

Waiting Period in Texas:

The 72 hours (3 days) waiting period in Texas can be waived for active duty military personnel.

Fees and Other Tests:

$31 – $81 cash, so don’t leave home without it! The fees may vary from Texas county to county. Blood tests or medical examinations are not required in Texas.

When does a Texas marriage license expire?

A Texas marriage license will expire 30 days after receipt.

Where do I obtain my marriage license?

The couple must go to their County Clerk’s office to obtain a marriage license.

Do you include the marriage license in your packages?

No. Because it is a legal document the State of Texas requires that you obtain the license on your own. They will not allow us to do so for you or issue one to you.

Is there a waiting period after obtaining my license before it can be signed?

There is a 72 hours (3 days) waiting period in Texas after issuance before the license can be legally signed. This can be waived for active duty military personnel. If you are non-military and have concerns about this, please reach out to us at info@everlastingelopements.

Does my license have to be from the county I’m getting married in?

No, as long as it is a Texas marriage license it can be from any county.

Can you use a license from a different state?

No, the license must be from Texas.

Do I have to file the license myself?

You can (and you can get copies immediately if you do so), but our staff can file the license on your behalf if it is more convenient for you! Please keep in mind that it can take 2-4 weeks for you to receive your license back from the clerk since it is filed by mail this way. If you would like to purchase tracking for the license, please let us know.

Do I need a license to get married?

If you would like the ceremony to be legally recognized, then yes. However, if you are just wanting a symbolic ceremony or commitment ceremony then no, you are not required to bring a license.


Can I add additional photography?


The photography packages we offer range from simple photography packages starting at $225 up to $750 all-inclusive packages, depending on your needs.

Can I bring my own officiant or photographer?

Yes, you may. We do not discount this from our package price.

How can I access my pictures?

About 10-14 business days after your ceremony, we will email you a link to your pictures via Dropbox.com. Here you get full rights to your edited pictures, and you can take them to any photo lab to get your pictures printed. Then, your photographer will send you a link to the rest of the pictures that you can purchase a la carte or as a package. 

If I bring my own photographer, will your photographer be taking pictures as well?

Because we specialize in small ceremonies and most of our locations have limited space, having two photographers conflicts and hinders the photographers from getting the best pictures. You may have any photographer you’d like, but if you chose to hire your own photographer, our photographer will not be taking pictures.

Can I add video?

Of course!

We work with 2 amazing video companies Gerry Olert Video and Jody Brown Photography & Video that offer a full range of video services. We have designed 3 levels based on our small wedding packages to capture your special day!

Level I:: Simple Edited Video starting at $350

Up to 7 minutes long, dubbed in music of your choice with minimal edits.

Level II: Fully edited Video starting at $500

Up to 15 minutes long, dubbed in music of your choice, action shots, and guest well wishes, fully edited.

Can I bring other outside vendors, such as a photographer?

Yes, but we cannot discount our packages. Instead we would need to work up a Custom Package with everything you need and nothing you don’t!

Can I book a specific photographer through your services?

Yes, but there is an additional $50 Photographer Securing Fee to do so. If the photographer is unavailable for any reason and cannot shoot your ceremony then that fee will be refunded to you. If you choose a photographer that works in a different market than your ceremony, we can request their availability and travel fees.

Service Partners

Am I able to upgrade flowers and/or cake?

Yes, upgrades are available. For these elements, you will contact the floral and cake designer directly, and they will offer a separate quote.

Do you work with any hotels?


Everlasting Elopements works with Downtown River Walk Hotels as well as Water-Front Hotels which all give our couples exclusive discounts and special romantic extras! Each property is different and offers different packages and discounts. Discount information is only disclosed after couple books!

How am I able to customize my bouquet and cake?

Upon booking, you will receive contact information for our cake and floral designer. They will contact you and you can discuss your options with them personally. A cake-tasting appointment may be made as well.

Will I speak directly with the vendors for my ceremony?

Unless you upgrade your cake and/or floral, then no. We have performed 1000s of weddings and have everything down to a science! Any specific information we need will be obtained via forms after booking and sent directly to your vendors who will have everything prepared on your big day!

General Questions

Can I have a wedding party?

Depending on the location, you may. There are some locations, like the cove at the Tower of the Americas, where there won’t be room for them to be standing up with you. Your wedding party should be included in your guest count.

Can someone walk me down the aisle?

If you have a coordinator on site and will be at a location where there is an aisle entry, yes! 

Do we need to have any witnesses for the ceremony?

In the state of Texas, witnesses are not required. 

How early do I need to arrive to the ceremony?

You and your guests need to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your ceremony.

How early do my guests need to arrive to the ceremony?

Guests should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the ceremony.

If additional guests show up, what is your policy?

If more guests show up than what the couple has recorded, the couple will be charged guest fees for each additional guest. If payment is not received, the marriage license will be held until the couple has paid the balance.  

Is there a bridal suite at which I can get ready?

In most cases, no. The bride should come ready to go.

What do I need to bring to my ceremony?

Couples need to bring their marriage license, wedding rings and any elements for a ritual, if applicable.

What do I wear?

Couples may be as casual or formal as they’d like.

What if I’m late to my ceremony?

The Officiant will charge an additional $50 if required to wait more than 20 minutes for each 20 minutes past the scheduled starting time of the ceremony. Said fee is due prior to the signing of the marriage license. The ability of the officiant to wait more than 20 minutes will be solely at the officiant’s discretion. The officiant may waive the late charge, at the officiant’s discretion. No refund will be given if the officiant is not able to perform the ceremony because of any delays within the stipulated time period.  This fee applied to all on-site vendors and will be calculate on a per vendor fee.

What if my guests are late to my ceremony?

If the ceremony is delayed to wait for the guests, the officiant will charge an additional $50 per 20 minutes for each 20 minutes if required to wait more than 20 minutes past the scheduled starting time of the ceremony. Said fee is due prior to the signing of the marriage license. The ability of the officiant to wait more than 20 minutes will be solely at the officiant’s discretion. The officiant may waive the late charge, at the officiant’s discretion. This fee applied to all on-site vendors and will be calculate on a per vendor fee.  No refund will be given if the officiant is not able to perform the ceremony because of any delays within the stipulated time period.

What will the officiant wear?

The officiant will be in business casual attire. You may upgrade to a clergy robe for $75.00.

Will I be seen before the ceremony?

Since we have outdoor locations, it may be possible you will be seen. We do our best to keep you hidden while remaining on-site. To ensure the groom doesn’t see you, we recommend arriving first

Will music be provided?

For packages that include music, it is the couple’s responsibility to bring the song(s) of their choice on their smart phone or iPod. We then connect the music to our speaker via Bluetooth. We can provide the standard songs such as, Bridal March, Cannon in D, etc.

What is it included in the Couple's Elopement Package?

At their base level each tier of the package includes a wedding officiant, photography package, and custom bouquet and boutonniere for up to 4 guests. Then, various packages include upgrades to photography, music, video, etc. For more information click Pricing and Packages and reach out to our staff at info@everlastingelopements.com

Do my fiance and I count as guests?


Do children count as guests?

Children 2 and younger do not, but any child over the age of 2 does count toward your overall guest count.

Do members of my wedding party count as guests?

Yes, but if you plan on having them standing during the ceremony please let us know so that we do not include them in the chair package (if applicable).

How far in advance do I need to book my wedding?

We always recommend booking as soon as possible to ensure the date, time, and venue you want is locked in. With that in mind, we cannot book weddings more than a little over a year out. Depending on what services you are needing we can book even up to the day of or before. Please reach out to us at info@everlastingelopements.com to confirm availability prior to booking if you are unsure.

Do I have to have a wedding party?

No! It’s your day and can do whatever you’d like!

Do we have to exchange rings?

No, you are not required to exchange rings if you do not have them yet or do not wish to. Simply let us know on your 2 Week Check-In or let your officiant know onsite.

About Our Packages

Elopement Packages

Elopement packages are perfect for couples who want to keep their wedding to themselves and their witnesses, while still having special extras like photography and floral.  You may choose from a wide variety of venues on our website to have elopement packages performed at or we can come to a location you provide such as an Airbnb.

Small Ceremony Packages

Small ceremony packages are perfect for couples who are just doing a ceremony for their closest friends and family.  Our all-inclusive packages include all the services need for a ceremony from photography to floral.  You may choose from a wide variety of venues on our website to have your ceremony performed at or we can come to a location you provide such as a backyard or venue you rent.  All packages can be customized to a couple’s exact needs so they are only paying for the services they truly need.

Beach Ceremony Packages

Our all-inclusive Beach Wedding packages include all the services need for a ceremony on the beach from a full setup with bamboo arch and chairs to photography.  Beach Weddings are the perfect way to “Say I Do” on some of Texas’ most picturesque beaches.  All packages can be customized to a couple’s exact needs so they are only paying for the services they truly need.

Extreme Elopement Packages

Coming Soon!

Custom Ceremony

A custom ceremony means building a unique ceremony package for the couple. Choose options on an a la carte basis, with everything available from officiant to photography to floral to rentals.

Photography Only Packages

Phototography or videography can be hired by the hour!

Say "I Do" Ceremonies

These simple and quick ceremonies are perfect for couples wanting something just a little more special than a license signing.

Reception Packages

Everlasting Elopements offers many Reception options perfect for smaller weddings. These receptions are designed for smaller groups who do not need a full traditional reception nor would it make sense to have a full reception for a small guest count. Reception Packages are always added to Ceremony Packages to give couples a complete wedding.

It was very personal and private, small and perfect for us. It gave us a wedding feel without having a huge wedding or getting married in a courthouse. I love how this company gives you so many options that fit you and your fiancé… I also love how they don’t discriminate against same sex couples.

Alexandra K.

For a quick last minute wedding I give them 5 stars. It was the best day ever for me and I’m so glad I had the chance to have nice wedding in a place other than the courthouse to share with my friends and family.

Stephanie K.

I can’t say enough good things about these people! Not only did they help tie together everything without drama, but they felt so personable and genuinely happy for my (now!) husband and me. Reverend Rene Esparza gave a wonderful ceremony that would make you think he had known us for years. We had a Sunday brunch wedding, and our guests are still saying it was the best wedding they have been to in years.

Patricia T.

My husband and I had a stress free wedding ceremony. Kari and her team worked miracles. They helped us plan our wedding within a weeks notice but you they took all the stress off of me, and worked with their team to make our day beautiful. If you have any hesitation about hiring this company, Don’t. They communicate via email initially and then when it gets closer to the date, you fill out online forms for the floral and wedding cake services. Then they call you directly to go over your overall idea of what you like. You can also send pictures of your vision back and forth to the vendors. Thank you for everyone’s hard work

Natalie O.

We had a fantastic experience with Everlasting Elopements. They took care of everything for us including the coordination of our cake, music, location permit, minister and photography. It was completely stress-free. I also want to add that our photographs were STUNNING! I highly recommend using them

Lori P.

Amazing experience!!! Everlasting elopements made planning our wedding so easy and everything was perfect. They helped us to find the perfect location, my flowers were more amazing than I could have ever imagined and the photos were simply perfect. I can’t say enough good things about this company. If you are planning a small intimate wedding this is the company to do it with. They did it all and it was so easy and stress free 

Carly D.

they made my wedding so stress free and beautiful. I was worried about the pictures because it was so windy my hair was everywhere.. but Kirby exceeded my expectations. so happy with my experience ❤

Seren D.

With very little notice Madison and the Everlasting team planned our perfect day. They assisted and answered all questions. Extremely professional and went over the top to make our day easy but perfect.

Ty V.

Everlasting Elopement did a fabulous job of making our special day everything we could ever hope for. The entire crew is knowledgeable and on top of their game! They are wonderful and I highly recommend them!!

Ellen A.

They did an amazing job and our wedding was perfect! I highly recommend them! The cake, flowers, photographer and organizing it was great! The minister had a wonderful message and threw some humor in there which we loved. My husband said it was better than he expected.

Lori L.

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