Moon Tide Media

Photographer: Shannon Turner

 Photography truly has a full grip on my soul– I love EVERYTHING about capturing special moments to be forever held in time! I consider my style to be way more candid, as I truly adore capturing an authentic experience that is almost tangible to the person viewing the photo. I want the viewer to feel the emotion and as if they were there with us right back in that moment. I love realness of a perfect candid shot…my goal—especially with couples—is to get to the heart of their connection and connect with my couples, as well, to truly make them feel comfortable in front of the lens so that we can get to those authentic magic shots! Spending a little extra time and going above and beyond to make the day truly memorable and special is something I really love to do and strive to leave sessions beyond memorable!

Shannon Turner

Although Shannon is fairly new to the photography world– only picking up a camera a couple years ago–she is truly dedicated and spends a lot of time perfecting her skill. With a background in both art and hospitality, wedding photography came almost naturally to her. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, originally, she has lived in almost every major region/city in Texas and calls the whole state home. She currently lives in Rockport with her partner and two dogs. With a love for moving and traveling, she has visited most of the United States and wants to explore more of the world, with her camera in hand! In her free time, she loves renovating houses (currently on her third one!), road tripping to visit friends or state parks, cooking and creating other forms of art.