Younts Photography

Photographer: Mikayla Younts

My name is Mikayla younts I’m 20 years old and I have been photographing for 10 years. My style is super bright and colorful and highlighting the often forgotten parts of the day. I try to keep poses as natural as possible to keep you from being uncomfortable and looking great in your photos! I have a bright personality and I like to think it reflects into my photos. I’m here for all the genuine laugh and moments and I want to capture your moments!


Mikayla Younts

My name is Mikayla Younts the proud photographer/owner of Younts Photography! I’m 20 years old and even if that seems young I’ve spent half of my life with a camera in my hands. 10 years ago I was given one of the first Canon digital camera it was already super old and covered in dust but I wasn’t able to put it down! When I finally got the opportunity I bought my own camera! I started out photographing rodeos so speedy events have never slowed me down. It has since then turned into photographing families, weddings, couples really anything! I have been photographing weddings for a little over a year and have prospered! I have always loved to capture people in their element and it happens so often at weddings making for perfect photos!