Jocelyn Horne Photography

Photographer: Jocelyn Horne

I’ve been photographing weddings professionally since 2014 and received my BFA in Photography in 2015. Since then I’ve realized the smaller intimate weddings are the ones I appreciate the most. I love the short time that I get with you on your wedding day to help you connect and slow down to just enjoy each other while I photograph you as a couple. I’ve often been told by my past couples that they hardly noticed me throughout the day, but I captured everything and more than they anticipated. I’m very easy going and always open to your ideas. My goal on the wedding day is the make sure you are 100% happy with the images you come away with.

Jocelyn Horne

Jocelyn has been interested in photography since grade school. Right after finishing high school in the Pacific Northwest she decided to pursue it professionally and went on to get her BFA in Photography in Utah in 2015. During that time she met her husband and started photographing weddings. Since then she has photographed over 150 weddings. She loves being the person who facilitates couples connecting and having a good time in front of the camera with each other. Some of the ways she spends her time outside of photography is exploring the outdoors with her husband and 3 yr old daughter, teaching and taking ballet and yoga classes, and ceramics.