Can You Get Married On the San Antonio Riverwalk?

The San Antonio Riverwalk is a magical location that is beautiful year-round. Many residents and visitors come to downtown San Antonio just to walk along the Riverwalk and enjoy the ambiance. 

No wonder so many couples also consider getting married on the riverwalk! We often get many questions at Everlasting Elopements about Riverwalk weddings. This includes questions about where you can get married on the riverwalk, pricing and cost, and restrictions.

So, can you get married on the San Antonio Riverwalk? 

Yes! And here’s how.

San Antonio Riverwalk Wedding Ceremonies

When most couples consider a wedding ceremony on the Riverwalk, they imagine a small wedding ceremony just alongside the beautiful river, lined with lush greenery and scenic trees.

In Texas, you can host your wedding ceremony in any location. So yes, the Riverwalk is a great small wedding location in San Antonio.

But that does not mean you can expect to set up a private ceremony just anywhere along the Riverwalk. 

The Riverwalk is considered a public park in San Antonio. As such, there is no cost or entry fee to head downtown and enjoy the Riverwalk. 

There are picturesque and popular locations along the Riverwalk such as the Selena Bridge or the Embassy Suites waterfalls. You may have seen these locations in engagement photos, wedding proposal photo shoots or bridal portraits.

However, none of these locations are private. And that is true for many locations along the Riverwalk.

You may be able to snap a quick photo or two along the Riverwalk, but you won’t get private space to host a wedding ceremony.

Thankfully, that’s where Everlasting Elopements can help. We have a curated list of ideal wedding ceremony locations on the Riverwalk.

San Antonio Riverwalk Wedding Ceremony Locations

Ideal for elopements, micro weddings and small wedding ceremonies, Everlasting Elopements has several beautiful locations for your Riverwalk wedding ceremony.

Our list of recommended Riverwalk ceremony locations include popular spots such as Marriage Island and the Arneson River Theater

For capturing the Riverwalk’s rich landscape and beauty, we recommend the La Gloria Waterfall for the smallest of ceremonies. Or, for slightly larger wedding ceremonies, Convent Park is ideal.

If you are looking for a more secluded location with room for chairs and space for an onsite mini reception, consider the Overlook Pavilion wedding ceremony location.

Each one of these locations vary in privacy levels, capacities and requirements. Thankfully, Everlasting Elopements has done the research for you making hosting your wedding ceremony on the Riverwalk simpler than ever. Be sure to review our complete list of Riverwalk ceremony locations.


Everlasting Elopements couple holding their marriage license in front of a tree atLa Gloria Waterfall on the San Antonio Riverwalk
Everlasting Elopements couple standing in front of the San Antonio Riverwalk hugging with their foreheads touching after their ceremony at Convent Park.
Everlasting Elopements couple standing and holding hands during their ceremony in front of Minister Paola Fernandez at Marriage Island on the San Antonio Riverwalk

How Much Does it Cost to Get Married on the San Antonio Riverwalk?

If you’re looking for a small wedding ceremony on the Riverwalk, you’re in luck. There are several great locations for performing wedding ceremonies on the Riverwalk.

Most of these locations have a small rental feel of under $300. To complete your ceremony with a minister and a few essentials, book one of our San Antonio Elopement Packages

Can I get married on the Riverwalk for free?

No. As we mentioned earlier, although there is no cost to visit the Riverwalk, you’ll want to book one of the semi-private Riverwalk wedding ceremony locations to host your wedding ceremony.

San Antonio Riverwalk Small Wedding Receptions

If you’re looking for a small reception to follow your wedding ceremony, you have a few options.

For some ceremony locations, such as Marriage Island, there is no space to host even a very small wedding reception.

Instead, we recommend booking a private room at a nearby restaurant. Alternatively, you can book a separate venue space or use a home. 

Once you have secured a location, add on one of our elopement reception packages. These range from simple cake and punch mini receptions to small cocktail parties.

Considering another area of San Antonio for your elopement? Check out all our San Antonio elopement packages.


Everlasting Elopements couple holding their hands on the bridal bouquet showing their wedding rings
Everlasting Elopements couple standing and smiling at each other in front of the San Antonio Riverwalk
Everlasting Elopements couple staring into each others eyes and smiling under the brides veil in front of the San Antonio Riverwalk
Everlasting Elopements couple kissing and holding up their signed marriage license on the San Antonio Riverwalk

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