How Much Does It Cost To

Elope In Texas?

Whether you call it an elopement, micro wedding, or intimate wedding, small weddings are the perfect solution for many couples. 

You may be looking for an elopement or intimate wedding due to time constraints, wedding budget or simple preference. Still, you want your wedding to be just as beautiful, special and memorable as a large event.

If you’re wondering how much an elopement or a small wedding will cost you in Texas, read on to learn more about wedding pricing works for these intimate events.

The Cost of Eloping in Texas

In an elopement, the focus is on the wedding ceremony with little fanfare after. The cost can range between a simple $75 ceremony to over $1,000 ceremony that includes additional elements such as photography and floral. 

Is Eloping Legal in Texas?

Yes! Eloping has meant different things throughout the years, but the term does not have any legal meaning. When a couple wants to elope in Texas, they are generally referring to a simple ceremony. 

In Texas, an elopement is legal. You’ll still get your marriage license from the county clerk and need to wait 72 hours prior to your ceremony. 

Cheap Elopement Packages in Texas

The simplest and most cost effective way to plan an elopement in Texas is through an ready-made elopement package. These could be a civil ceremony package with just you and your partner, or a small wedding ceremony package that includes a few more elements and a few more friends.

An Everlasting Elopements couple standing in front of the Lincoln Chapel in Austin, Texas.
Reverend Rene Esparza, with Everlasting Elopements, standing in front of a gazebo with a couple during their ceremony at King William Park in San Antonio, Texas.
Reverend John Roberts, with Everlasting Elopements during a beach wedding ceremony standing under an arch with a couple at Port Aransas Beach in Texas.

The Cost of Small Weddings Receptions in Texas

Many couples want all the traditional wedding elements, but on a smaller scale. If that’s you, you may be wondering just how much a micro wedding will cost you.

One of the easiest ways to save money when planning your wedding is by cutting the guest count. Still, there are still hard costs that will remain the same no matter how many guests you have.

In Texas, if you’re looking to keep your wedding simple plan to budget about $100 per person. This is an ideal budget for weddings around 75 guests and under. 

However, if your guest count is much lower your budget will likely need to be adjusted higher. Wedding vendors such as venues and caterers need to charge certain minimums in order to make a certain profit point for each wedding, even during off days or seasons.

Making a Small Wedding Affordable in Texas

Creating Your Guest List

You’ll want to start with your guest list to understand how many guests are being invited, and how many guests you anticipate will come to the wedding. This isn’t always the same number!

Consider who may travel to the wedding from out of town and which of your guests are local. Don’t feel obligated to invite a coworker simply because they invited you to their 250 person wedding. It’s your wedding, and you reserve the right to invite whom you like.

Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

One of the biggest budget items for weddings is the wedding venue. Choosing a nontraditional wedding venue is the simplest way to save money for your wedding.

This could mean a beach location, a park or a private restaurant. When you work with Everlasting Elopements, we’ve done the work for you in sourcing the best location for small weddings.

If you are set on a traditional wedding venue, opt for a Sunday – Thursday wedding date or off season time frame such as January and February or July and August.  

Affordable Wedding Decor

Wedding decor from specialty linens to large floral centerpieces can get expensive quick.

You may have fallen in love with pictures on Pinterest, but consider what will truly make your wedding enjoyable and memorable. Instead of extra decor, choose a venue that is naturally beautiful and focus your money on elements that impact your guest experience.

Creating Your Small Wedding Timeline

Having the right timeline for your wedding is crucial, especially for small weddings. The wedding will not only run smoothly, but you’ll also reduce the hours you need to pay for your wedding vendors.

With our experience at Everlasting Elopements, we have specially crafted wedding timelines that are ideal for small weddings.

For example, when the couple is announced we go straight into the First Dance, followed by any other special dances. While we have everyone’s attention – we do the toasts and cut the cake prior to the dinner. 

This allows for your photographer and videographer to take all the most important shots in a reduced amount of time. With 75 guests, your entire wedding can be wrapped up in about 3 hours.

If you still want to dance the night away with the handful of die-hard friends that want to do the same, consider planning an after party at a club or even your home. You’ll get to enjoy the rest of your evening without spending additional money for a longer venue time or expensive private bartenders.

Simple adjustments such as this allows you to save money on your wedding by having the ideal timeline for small weddings.


Texas Elopement Specialists

Everlasting Elopements can work with you on creating the perfect elopement experience at the best price possible. Our years of experience and knowledge of Texas weddings saves you not only money, but time.

Contact our elopement specialists to get started on your planning today.

Reverend Rene Esparza, with Everlasting Elopements, uniting a couple in marriage at Fountain Cove at the Tower of Americas in San Antonio, Texas.
A couple kissing on the beach after their wedding with Everlasting Elopements at Port Aransas Beach in Texas.
Minister Richard Nash, with Everlasting Elopements, doing a reading with a couple during their wedding ceremony.
Reverend Richard Schwiensberg SR, with Everlasting Elopements, during a ceremony under a tree with a couple during their ceremony.

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