Free Wedding Venues in

San Antonio, TX

An easy way to stay on budget for your wedding is to find a free wedding location in San Antonio. Whether you’re considering an elopement that includes a simple ceremony, or a micro wedding with a light reception, finding a no-cost wedding venue is a great way to save money.

Check out our list of nearly free or free wedding locations in San Antonio. 

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Finding Free Places to Get Married in San Antonio

Locating a free wedding venue in San Antonio can be challenging. Thankfully, as the San Antonio small-wedding experts, Everlasting Elopements has a comprehensive list of wedding venue options for you. 

Whatever your selection, book your Everlasting Elopement package to complete your wedding with a minister, photographer and more wedding day essentials.

Covered or Indoor Free Wedding Venues in San Antonio


Everlasting Elopements Chapel

Everlasting Elopements Chapel. A quaint, intimate chapel is sometimes all you need to tie the knot! This free wedding venue in San Antonio is the perfect little place for your wedding ceremony.

Walk down the aisle past the classic white-washed pews that are brilliant against the hardwood floors. The Everlasting Elopements Chapel provides rustic barn doors with wrought iron crosses framing your wedding ceremony and providing the perfect backdrop for your photos.

Speaking of photos, you can take additional photos after your ceremony. The bright, white pews make for a beautiful photo spot. In addition, there are outdoor trees and green areas for more photo location options. 

The Chapel is conveniently located at the Everlasting Elopements office in Hollywood Park. However, your wedding ceremony photos will look just like you were married in a small country chapel. Many couples getting married in the chapel keep the ceremony small, though you have room for up to 20 guests to join you.

There is convenient parking nearby, as well as restaurants to host a reception after your ceremony.

With elopement packages from Everlasting Elopements, the Chapel is completely free to use. Choose from a simple elopement package for up to 4 guests, up to a larger ceremony package for up to 20 guests. You’ll have the option to add photography, a wedding cake, and

King William Park

King William Park. Nothing says wedding bliss like a gazebo wedding ceremony! 

Gather under this charming white gazebo with your intended to host your ceremony surrounded by romantic white columns with abundant trees in the background.

In addition, you can also decorate the gazebo to your personal tastes. Add ribbon in your wedding colors or a floral arch for added natural beauty.

The gazebo can accommodate a small ceremony party, with room for up to 50 guests on the grounds in total. Small parties can sit on nearby benches, but you can also add white folding chairs for a classic look. 

At the King William Park wedding venue, you do have room for either a micro or mini reception for you and your guests. This means the ability to add decorations, toasts, cake, and even catering. Check out all the King William Park Everlasting Elopement packages to learn more.

As an added bonus, there is ample free or metered parking near King William Park. 

King William Park is free for your wedding on a first come, first serve basis. However, if you’d like to reserve a specific time, there is a $225 permit fee. You’ll want to be sure and reserve a spot if you are interested in adding decor or a micro reception to your wedding day.

Your Home

Don’t overlook the option for a convenient and free wedding venue – your own home.

Hosting a wedding ceremony, and even a small reception, in your home can be a simple way to get married with your friends and family. If you have a beautiful backyard or large living room, this may be the easier solution for your wedding ceremony. 

If your own home is not large enough, consider asking a family member or friend who has a larger layout or a great backyard.

To reduce stress and truly enjoy your wedding day, find the right Everlasting Elopements package for your wedding. Having someone handle the details like pulling together your minister, photographer and floral allows you to relax. Add on a reception package for an even larger celebration.


Everlasting Elopements couple during their wedding ceremony with their wedding officiant
Everlasting Elopements couple laughing during their wedding ceremony with their officiant
Everlasting Elopements couple kissing and posing after wedding ceremony

Outdoor Free Wedding Venues in San Antonio

Fountain Cove at the Tower of The Americas

Nestled underneath the Tower of the Americas is an urban oasis that is the ideal spot for a Downtown San Antonio wedding ceremony. This free San Antonio wedding venue has no permit fee and is completely open to use for your wedding ceremony. 

Ideal for the most intimate of wedding ceremonies, you’ll be surrounded by cascading water features, bubbling fountains and shady oak trees.

With the sight of downtown San Antonio in the backdrop, this makes for a beautiful free wedding ceremony location. 

Nearby benches give a handful of guests seating options to view your ceremony. Work with Everlasting Elopements to create the perfect Fountain Cove wedding ceremony.

Fountain Cove at the Tower of the Americas is especially wonderful for your wedding day photography. There are several locations around the fountains that make for memorable wedding photos. In addition, there are nearby sculptures and buildings that can enhance your photo opportunities.

To continue the celebration, reservations can be made at the Tower’s Chart House restaurant. Or, work with Everlasting Elopements to create a mini reception at a nearby location.

Bexar County Courthouse

Getting married outside the Bexar County Courthouse is completely free and is a lovely location to have a wedding ceremony.

The beautiful courthouse building makes for memorable photos of your wedding ceremony. The reaching red spires of Romanesque Revival architecture creates a striking backdrop.

Most couples choose to get in front of the courthouse’s fountain. This stone water feature is elegant and romantic and topped with an Aphrodite statue. It’s an ideal free ceremony location in San Antonio.

Another advantage when getting married at this free downtown location is the surrounding restaurant and activities. You can take advantage of the many restaurants within walking distance to host a small reception afterwards. Or, host a dinner reception on one of the Go Rio riverboats.

You can easily book a stay at one of the nearby hotels to extend the experience. Walk along the Riverwalk and enjoy the sights, or take a carriage ride along the streets of downtown.

Remember, as a free San Antonio wedding location, getting married outside the Bexar County Courthouse is on a first come, first serve basis.

There is no permit needed and is there a fee to get married outside the Bexar County Courthouse. Keep in mind, if you drive yourself to the courthouse, you and your guests will need to find nearby parking. There is plenty of parking near the Bexar County Courthouse, however you will need to pay for parking.

Find out more about how to get married at this free San Antonio wedding venue here!

Convent Park

Convent Park is a micro park located on the Riverwalk in the Museum Reach strip. This picturesque location is an ideal Riverwalk spot for a small wedding ceremony.

You’ll be surrounded by greenery and trees that thrive along the banks of the Riverwalk. The trees and the river will be your backdrop as you perform your ceremony on the intimate ceremony spot.

Built-in stone stadium seating matches the ambiance of the park and allows for seating for up to 30 guests for your wedding ceremony.

As an added bonus, you have the space at Convent Park to host a mini or micro wedding reception. You could have the option of adding cake, toasts and even a first dance to complete the celebration. Check out the Everlasting Elopement packages to complete your wedding ceremony with a small reception.

Convent Park is a “nearly free” location as there is a small permit fee of $225 to reserve the park for your wedding ceremony. Still, this is one of the most affordable ceremony and reception options in San Antonio!


Everlasting Elopements couple posing for the camera after their wedding ceremony
Everlasting Elopements couple during wedding ceremony
Everlasting Elopements couple laughing during wedding ceremony
Everlasting Elopements couple kissing and holding their marriage license

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