Free Outdoor Wedding Venues in Corpus Christi

Elopements, small ceremonies, micro weddings and more! We’ve found some of the best free or nearly free outdoor wedding venus in Corpus Christi. Whether you are planning a garden wedding, or wedding by the bay, there are affordable options for couples with any size budget. We’ve listed them all out for you, below!

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Lytton Memorial Rose Garden

Lytton Memorial Rose Garden is located in Heritage Park, one of Corpus Christi’s most historic districts.  Can you picture getting married at Lytton Memorial Rose Garden as the gentle scent of in-bloom flowers fills the air? It’s a romantic location for any couple looking to say I do at a nearly free outdoor wedding venue in Corpus Christi!

A romantic wedding ceremony at Lytton Memorial Rose Garden begins with a walk down the aisle. Once you arrive at the altar; a beautiful arched white pergola, your wedding ceremony begins! If you plan your wedding when the florals are in bloom an abundance of vibrant, fragrant roses will surround you & your guests! Can you imagine unforgettable wedding photos that feature blooming roses as a natural backdrop? Lytton Memorial Rose Garden is a gorgeous location for any couple seeking a nearly free outdoor wedding venue in Corpus Christi. One with a focus on unforgettable photos and a dream-like wedding ceremony experience.

Lytton Memorial Rose Garden can accommodate up to 100 guests. Conversely, it also makes a beautiful location for a micro wedding, complete with a walk down the aisle! Lytton Memorial Rose Garden’s convenient location in downtown Corpus Christi ensures plenty of available parking for you and your guests. Additionally, your guests will be accommodated during your ceremony with either standing room or rented seating arrangements. Once you’ve said I do it’s time to capture your beautiful wedding day photos! From there, you and your guests can continue the celebration with a refined Italian dinner at Luciano’s Italian Restaurant!

 A beautiful wedding ceremony at Lytton Memorial Rose Garden is best paired with our Elopement or Small Ceremony Package!

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North Beach

Just across the causeway from downtown Corpus Christi, you’ll find North Beach. This nearly free outdoor wedding venue in Corpus Christi is a manmade beach on Corpus Christi Bay. Which is also home to the USS Lexington and the Texas State Aquarium. North Beach’s beautiful location by the water makes it a relaxing, serene location to hold your wedding ceremony. However, we will admit that North Beach is one of the most popular beaches we offer for wedding ceremonies. Meaning it tends to fill up pretty fast, especially during peak season!

The blue-green waters of North Beach, paired with the backdrop of the USS Lexington make it a unique choice of location for your wedding ceremony. It’s amazing for any couple that is looking for something outside the norm as they search for nearly free wedding venues in Corpus Christi! Having your wedding ceremony on North Beach in Corpus Christi comes with an unlimited guest count. Which makes it a great option if you one of our custom ceremony packages is what best suits your needs.

North Beach’s unique inlet location features a few hotels and a new Smoke BBQ restaurant. How fun would it be to have a wedding by the bay and end the night on the sky bar of Smoke BBQ with Texas brisket tacos in a vibrant energetic atmosphere?

Everlasting Elopements couple dancing on beach after wedding

South Texas Botanical Garden

This small outdoor wedding venue is located on the outskirts of Corpus Christi. Another gorgeous nearly free outdoor wedding venue in Corpus Christi where lush blooming florals and a beautiful covered pavilion set the stage for a garden wedding day! Your wedding at South Texas Botanical Garden in Corpus Christi will overlook the vast gardens full of colorful blooms. Want to plan your reception here as well? You can add on a wedding reception at South Texas Bounder Garden and host your guests under the pavilion, on the deck, or at a tented reception in the garden! If you were hoping to have an outdoor ceremony with an indoor reception, you are in luck because they have an indoor reception space as well! All in all, South Texas Botanical Garden is a wonderful nearly free outdoor wedding venue for a wedding with up to 30 guests.

If you choose to have a wedding at the South Texas Botanical Garden, you and your guests can explore the  2600 square-foot screened butterfly house, the majestic rose garden or the sensory garden.

South Texas Botanical Garden is located just 15 minutes from the nearest beach in North Padre. Making it easy to enjoy the rest of your wedding day with nearby activities such as windsurfing, parasailing, or kayaking on the water. If watersports are not the itinerary for your wedding day, many of our couples love to plan their reception celebrations at nearby Airbnbs!

If planning your botanical garden wedding at South Texas Botanical Garden is on your heart, you’ll be happy to know that it is well suited to one of our small ceremony packages!

Everlasting Elopements couple looking at each other after wedding ceremony in South Texas Botanical Garden


Did you know that ‘Miradores’ is a Spanish word for a structure that is designed to offer extensive views of the surrounding area? It can also refer to a tower, a balcony, a window, or other architectural features that offer such sweeping views. Located along the Corpus Christi Bay, Miradores are small white gazebos directly overlooking the Corpus Christi Bay. In total, there are eight each. Each of the eight structures commemorates a different point of the city’s fascinating history!

The Miradores are charming and intimate, featuring a beautiful seascape backdrop. If you imagine the calming sound of soft waves lapping against the shore while you say I do, Miradores is a lovely free outdoor wedding venue in Corpus Christi! However, because the Miradores are available to the public free of charge, they are typically available on a first come first serve basis. These beautifully charismatic gazebos are a wonderful choice for your wedding ceremony and can be paired with one of our elopement packages!

That’s our list of free or nearly free outdoor wedding venues located in Corpus Christi! To start planning your wedding ceremony with Everlasting Elopements, you can contact us directly, here!

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