Texas Beach Weddings

If you’re starting to plan your nuptials, have you considered having a beach wedding?  Texas beach weddings can be stunning, intimate affairs.  Imagine saying your vows with the white-crested rolling waves of the Gulf as your backdrop.  

Whether you want a formal or informal wedding, an intimate family affair or just the happy couple, Everlasting Elopements can plan the Texas beach wedding of your dreams.


Have Your Dream Texas Beach Wedding

Choosing where to host your wedding is one of the most important decisions.  While there are many options, the Texas Gulf Coast offers numerous gorgeous beach spots.  A beach wedding can also simplify the planning process.  In many spots, small weddings won’t require any permits, security details, or other legal concerns.  However, if you do need a permit, a wedding coordinator can handle those details on your behalf.

Another benefit to a beach wedding is couples can generally incorporate any traditions they choose into the ceremony, without worrying about whether or not the venue has the space, air, or vendors to handle it.  Whether you dream of getting married under a chuppah or releasing butterflies, it’s easy to include in your event.

What You Need For Beach Weddings In Texas

Beach weddings in Texas can be as simple or as decadent as you want.  Some couples choose to get married with minimal decor, letting the water shine as a stunning backdrop.  Others choose to decorate with arches, tents, and more.  The key is to consider potential weather and the connected logistics.  

Be prepared for windy days and ensure that everything can be safely anchored, and consider what your plan is if the weather turns wet.  Offer some sort of covered area for your guests in case the rain starts to fall.  Don’t let that deter you, however – the water is gorgeous when a small storm hits.

Also consider renting a sound system for your vows.  While the water is beautiful to stand in front of, the beating of the waves and the wind can drown out your voice.  Instead, using a microphone can ensure that your guests don’t miss a single moment.

Everlasting Elopements couple playing in water after wedding on beach
Everlasting Elopements eating cake after small wedding on beach pier
Everlasting Elopements couple kissing in front of beach

Beach Wedding Venues In Texas

Chapel in The Dunes

There are numerous beach wedding venues in Texas, each providing different benefits and atmospheres.  One of the most popular is Port Aransas’ Chapel in the Dunes.  The small church, built in the 1930s, overlooks the shores of Mustang Island and is decorated with stunning murals of Biblical scenes.  While the building doesn’t offer direct beach access, it’s the perfect site for intimate affairs, and the indoors venue allows your wedding to go off without a hitch, despite the weather.

North Beach

If you picture an outdoor wedding set against quiet waves gently brushing the sand, consider having your event on North Beach.  This small bay near the Texas State Aquarium features calmer waters than other spots without sacrificing the view.  

North Padre Island – Whitecap Beach

If you dream of living on a tropical island, have your wedding across the water on North Padre Island.  Whitecap Beach provides views of the water and the mainland.  The space is also big enough for slightly larger weddings, or to host the wedding and reception in one space.  Your photographer will also thank you, as the area offers numerous ways to get creative with photos, from incorporating beachwood to wandering through the field of beach grass.

Port Aransas

For couples who are the epitome of laid-back beach life, consider a wedding at Port Aransas.  Quiet and relaxed, the space is a peaceful respite from daily hectic lives. Several nearby bars and restaurants offer options for hosting your reception after the ceremony.

Rockport Beach

If the possibility of bad weather raises your stress levels, consider planning your wedding to be held at Rockport Beach.  Multiple pavilions provide sheltered alternatives in case rain does fall on your wedding day.  In the summer, air conditioning is also an option so that your guests can escape the heat.  Regardless of whether you take advantage of the buildings or say your vows with your toes in the sand, the gorgeous views will keep the beach vibe in the forefront.

Everlasting Elopements couple on beach kissing after marriage
Everlasting Elopements in small chapel on beach
Everlasting Elopements couple on sand heart on beach married
Everlasting Elopements couple staring at eachother on beach

Texas Beach Wedding Inspiration And Ideas

The best part of beach weddings in Texas are the endless possibilities for decor and features, but the sheer volume of options can be paralyzing as well.  The trick is to determine why you want a beach wedding.

If you love the laid-back and muted beachy vibes, opt for washed out and pastel tones and simple styles. String lights and flowers can make up the bulk of your decor.  Forego roses for more casual options, such as daisies, sunflowers, and other friendly blooms.  For food, stick to buffets or food trucks, or even a clambake – your guests will have options but it’s still more relaxed than a seated dinner.

The beach is also a perfect setting for a nautical wedding.  A navy and white color palette with pops of red can set the tone immediately.  Use hurricane lanterns and shells to line – or define – the aisle.  Jute rope can offer added detailing when wrapped around a ceremony arch, or glass vases holding red roses.

For your all Texas wedding beach needs, be sure to reach out to Everlasting Elopements for the perfect ceremony and reception!

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