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We have many great options when it comes to financing your dream wedding.

  1.  Payments Plans extended past the date of your ceremony financed directly through Everlasting Elopements:

$50 setup fee, plus APR of 5%

Collateral:  Wedding license along with photography images/video will be held until payment is made in full

2.  Wedding Financing By our partner  UGA Financing

UGA offers a wide variety of financing options from a 12-month interest-free option to monthly plans with a varying interest rate from 10%-35% depending on your creditworthiness up to 20,000.   An online application is required and your credit report will run in order to see if you can be approved for financing.  With the wide variety of options, UGA offers almost every couple will be offered some type of financing.  The process may take up to 24 business hours but in most cases the answer is instant.  To see if you are approved simply follow this link.…

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