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Cancellation Policy

Please Read ALL of the Following Information Prior to Booking Your Wedding Ceremony

Cancellation Fee Schedule:

91+ days prior to the ceremony

$100 Cancellation fee, loss of retainer plus $50/vendor cancellation fee

90-61 days prior to the ceremony:

50% refund, loss of retainer plus $50/vendor cancellation fee

60-32 days prior to the ceremony:

25% refund, loss of retainer plus $50/vendor cancellation fee

30-0 days prior to the ceremony:

No refund, payment is due in full.

Rescheduling or Downgrading of Services:

$50 per vendor rescheduling fee plus a $50 administration fee to cover the drafting of a new contract and invoice.

A $50 per vendor or service cancellation fee will apply to any couple who decides to cancel a service within their contracted services in correlation with the cancellation policy deadlines.

Rescheduling at any time will require a new rental or permit fee for the new time and/or date. The original rental or permit is forfeited.


Please note that permit and rental fees are never refundable and are not credited to future ceremonies. 

Any and all retainer fees are

Non-Refundable for any reason.

Additional Information

Officiant Services/Civil Ceremonies: 

All cancellations of services incur a $100 cancellation fee and loss of retainer, plus any add-on fees/permits (Total $150 plus add-ons and/or permit fees).

Elopement Packages: 

All cancellations of services must be received 60 days prior to the scheduled ceremony for any sort of refund of scheduled services. If cancellation is not received 60 days prior, then the above cancellation schedule applies. All cancellations prior to 90 days before the ceremony will also incur a $100 cancellation fee and loss of retainer ($150 Total), plus a $50/vendor cancellation fee but the remaining balance due will be refunded outside of non-refundable add-on services. All add-on services must be paid upfront and will not be refunded by Everlasting Elopements; this includes but is not limited to, services outside of the officiant performing the ceremony. These include services in which pre-ordering, planning, and service performed must be done before the ceremony, including but not limited to: flowers, chair rental, wedding cake and permit/rental fees. Everlasting Elopements is not responsible and cannot be held liable for third party services referred by Everlasting Elopements, pertaining to a couple’s cancellation. It is the couple’s responsibility to contact these third-party vendors and cancel their service (hotel, restaurant reservations, etc.)

Cancellation after rescheduling original ceremony

If a couple decides to reschedule their wedding, then the balance of the original contract must be paid in full.  The couple then can reschedule at any time and all monies paid will be applied to the new date.  When rescheduling the couple will have to go back online and reserve their new date and the deposit required to do so will serve as their rescheduling fee making the couple ‘paid in full’ for their new date.  If a couple reschedules and then decides to cancel their new date then no refund will be given.  The couple can choose to reschedule for 2nd time in which the rescheduling policy would apply again.  After a reschedule is entered into no refunds will be given for any reason.

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