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Texas Elopements: Uniting Traditional Values with Modern Convenience

Texas Elopements: Uniting Traditional Values with Modern Convenience

By: Christine LeJeune

For many people, the idea of an elopement means sacrificing the beauty and elegance of a traditional ceremony in favor of a quick, impersonal exchange of vows without a second thought given to planning the event. Perhaps this was true in the past, but soaring wedding costs and busy schedules created the need for a fiscally responsible alternative that features all of the intimacy and romance of a traditional wedding with a more streamlined and affordable planning process. A plethora of truly unique options for elopements that combine Texas values of family and tradition with the simplicity of the modern age have risen in the Lone Star State within recent years.

Everlasting Elopements

A mobile establishment, Everlasting Elopements can help couples plan a wedding ceremony nearly anywhere! Founded by Reverend Rene and Kari Esparza after discovering limited options for couples short on time and money, Everlasting is changing the world of wedding planning and has completed 6,378 ceremonies to date! With the mission of extending “our everlasting happiness to other couples looking for an everlasting marriage and not an everlasting payment,” the Esparzas provide everything couples need for a truly unique experience. Prospective clients start by selecting the type of service and package that fits their needs. Offering both flexibility and customization options, Everlasting shines when it comes to ideas for locations of ceremonies and services that are suited for any area! The location can be one that the couple has chosen beforehand or can be one of many others recommended by Everlasting across Texas. With ceremony locations in San Antonio like the Riverwalk and the Cave Without a Name, Austin’s Chapel Dulcinea, Texas beach spots, and several in between, there is sure to be a location that appeals to both parties! Not only do these many location options provide beautiful backdrops for a perfect ceremony, they embody the Texas spirit and history of the state. In addition to having an unforgettable wedding, guests can visit some of the most fun and entertaining attractions Texas has to offer!

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